Younger Sensual and Healthy: Confidence at Any Age

  • Vaginal Health
  • Healing of 
    Vaginal Infections

  • Repair of Vaginal tears & wounds
  • Vulva Lightening
  • Reduction of vaginal inflammations​

How is it Done?

IELLIOS 8888 MAX Vaginal Rejuvenation

Hand Made in the UK.  Life Warranty.  No Consummables

​In women estrogen decline leads to loss of subcutaneous tissue from the monspubis, atrophy of labia majora and shortening and loss of elasticity of the vaginal barrel. Collagen and elastic content decreases by 30% to 50%. The reduction of vaginal thickness of the epithelium from 8-10 layers to 3-4 leads to bleeding and burning sensations during intercourse. Loss in the Lactobacillus species and lactic acid and increased vaginal pH affect the microbial population leading to increased bacterial infections. Laser and radiofrequency methods of vaginal rejuvenation form scar tissue ultimately reducing sexual sensation for women. A recent clinical study with 25 subjects who received vaginal rejuvenation treatment with our signalling technology  has shown increased vaginal thickness (as reported by 99% of subjects) after two months of treatment.  Subjects also reported increased sensation and satisfaction during intercourse and significantly increased frequency from an average of once in three months to once weekly.  Additionally women reported a reduction in bacterial infections.

The IREPAIR has specific complex waveforms designed to increase vaginal thickness and health.   The IREPAIR can significantly reduce the incidence of vaginal infections contracted by both younger and older women.  During ageing intercourse become painful due to a reduction of vaginal thickness that can be replaced by IREPAIR treatments thus reinstating the desire for intercourse that can ultimately  improve marital contentment.   Treatment is pleasant and comfortable.  The IREPAIR emits signals below awareness so all the patient feels is deep relaxation.  The treatment with performed by two surgical stainless steel probes one of which is inserted into the vagina, while the other can be placed over the vulva if vaginal lightening is desired.  This treatment will give the vulva an attractive pinkish glow

  1. Vaginal Thickness
  2. Collagen and Elasticity Increase
  3. Enhanced Sensation
  4. Increased Sexual Intercourse