Herpes Zoster

Treatment is pleasant and comfortable.  The IREPAIR emits signals below awareness so all the patient feels is deep relaxation.  The treatment with performed by two surgical stainless steel designer round probes gently lifting the face or placed on the  problem site.



ELLIOS 8888 Max relaxing treatment can repair all skin layers. You look naturally younger.  Skin and hair shines. Hair growth. Stronger hair. Nothing else in the market can give that youthful fresh look IELLIOS restores and reinstates bio molecular communications that repair most skin conditions, including sun damage, pigmentations, acne, redness, inflammation, stretchmarks and even neuropathic wounds.  Dramatic lasting results. No side effects. IELLIOS  was developed out of 35 years of electronic & molecular cellular regeneration research in London and Cambridge Universities.  The Nobel prize in Chemistry 2015 was given to Tomas Lindahl (UK), Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar (USA) for postulating how cells repair damaged DNA   The Nobel Prizes in 1998 & 1999 in Physiology or Medicine proved that cells communicate through a complex biological network.  The breakdown of this cellular network results in ageing, skin, and hair damage. The IELLIOS is also used for rehabilitation after sports injury, neuropathic pain, sciatica, and carpal tunnel

Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentations

Treatment Frequency



IREPAIR treatment can  be offered once,  twice a week or even every day.  Number of sessions vary depending on the extent of skin damage and the patient's age.   It is a health enhancing anti-inflammatory treatment that has no down time and no side effects.  No contraindication are known but we strongly caution against Pacemaker and Pregnancy 

IELLIOS technology emits biologically compatible signals that resonate with the body’s communication network.  Resonance reflects the process of two waveforms adding onto each other to amplify and reinforce each other, like ocean waves add onto each other to form bigger waves.  As the incoming biologically compatible signals resonates with the body’s broken communication network, they reinstate in the body’s disrupted connections by filling in the gaps.  Like a more powerful wave reinforces a weaker wave to rise. 

​Both DNA and proteins are composed by specific sequences of letters. Such sequences represent signals. Incomplete protein sequences need signals that will make them functional.  The way incomplete letter sequences need letters that will make a word meaningful. Signalling technology donates the correct signals.  The body absorbs the signal aspects to repair dismantled DNA and protein letter sequences.  Bio-compatible signals are transmitted via electrons through the skin at extremely miniscule specific energies that have been mathematically proven to control the gates of cellular ion channels (Electron Gated Ion Channels.) Simultaneously these transmission electrons donate themselves to the free radicals that break down the DNA helix. The electron flow replenishes free radicals with the necessary even number of electrons.  This even number of electrons is what free radical needs to go back in time and become a stable molecule.  



Hand Made in the UK.  Life Warranty.  No Consummables