Many individuals are troubled by premature baldness, receding hairlines, etc. A variety of chemicals have been marketed as hair regrowth aids but with mixed, generally disappointing results. Considerable sums have been invested in artificial hair pieces or surgical hair implantation procedures requiring the exercise of highly skilled medical expertise which is often  unavailable.  Stem Cells therapies have had some success but in some cases results are mediocre or inconclusive.  Several devices has been invented for hair growth. U.S. Pat. No. 3,872,859 issued Mar. 25, 1979 for an invention of Pitzen, et al, used output signals having frequencies varying from 230 hertz through 2650 hertz with moderate success.  U.S. Pat. No. 740-385 issued Oct. 6, 1903 for an invention of W. B. Bassell asserted that an important aspect of hair growth technology should involve ultra low current delivering very low energies. Paul D. Groux U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,251,623 and 5,336,247 discovered that frequencies which have been found to provide particularly good results on hair growth are 0.6 Hz and 1.2 Hz which are the frequencies programmed into unit 10.  However, it is believed that any frequency below 6 Hz will provide good results and hair regrowth on some individuals may be possible with frequencies as high as 15 Hz and perhaps as high as 80 Hz. It has also been found that the current of the signal should be between 50 and 800 microamps. In addition, the voltage of the signal should be preferably less than about 9 volts with optimum results obtainable between about 0.5 and 8 volts.


The concepts of using waveforms to increase hair follicle regeneration on the scalp is fairly new.  Yet it is explored by a number of researchers who have used specific frequencies to  promote hair growth.  However, none of these methods can compete with the elegance, the sophistication and next generation technology of the IREPAIR.  This new unique technology  emits energies below thermal noise to open up cellular ion channels for the unobtrusive insertion of regenerative signals designed to increase hair growth.     


Treatment Frequency

The Uniqueness of IREPAIR

IREPAIR does not use current. The energies emitted by the IREPAIR are below awareness, yet, bear the highest compatibility with unlocking ion channels to ensure the passage of complex signals expressed via four dimensional resonant composites designed to be meaningful and useful in completing or repairing broken signalling pathways communications.  There are no components available anywhere in the world to build the IREPAIR which has to be hand wired to the specifications of a unique technology design, enriched with original software and thousands of signalling sequences developed on the basis of proprietary research over the period of 20 years.  Although individual frequencies can promote some hair growth, yet they are simplistic, limited resolution and void of signals.  IREPAIR is the first device demonstrating an affinity for bio-communications, an unlimited resolution matrix of signalling sequences that aims to interact with the body at the cellular level.

IREPAIR treatment for hair growth should be offered at least twice a week.  Number of sessions vary depending on the extent of hair loss, and whether hair loss is relative recent or has been sustained over a period of several years


A complete hair regrowth treatment cycle typically spans about 25 weeks and is seen relatively faster with the IREPAIR  than the IREVIVE or other technologies and procedures.  IREPAIR is launched in the international market in January 2019 and it is based on next generation technology of the IREVIVE that was launched in January 2018.

US Patents for Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Hair Regrowth Cycle

Pictures above are courtesy of clinical studies conducted in Hong Kong with the IREVIVE, the. Patients received treatments twice weekly  over a period of one to three months.



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